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The only kid in border detention who wants to be deported!

This Latina-flavored, road movie brings together an unlikely pair—a fading pop diva and the toughest kid in border detention—in what turns out to be foster-parenting hell. But that’s just the beginning of their adventure-filled journey.

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the film
Poducer Bio


Formally educated as an electrical engineer, Roger Edwards has worked as an engineer and technical writer for several Fortune 500 telecommunications companies after graduating from North Carolina State University. With aspirations (since high school) in the entertainment industry, Roger used his spare time to engage in a variety of creative writing efforts—including screenwriting. His producer preparation has been multifaceted and has included involvement in various phases of theatre and film production—such as assistant directing for community theatre, as well as working as PA, Grip and Sound Recordist on low-budget film/music video productions.

A series of successes followed: Roger’s first teleplay was locally produced for a children’s fantasy drama series (“SPARKS,” WRAL-TV)—which led to a two-year staff writing position. His first short screenplay took the First Place prize in a screenwriting competition. His second short screenplay earned him a Finalist nod in the ABC Entertainment/Walt Disney Studios Talent Development Program. His first feature screenplay was quickly optioned. And his TV spec for the “2 BROKE GIRLS” sitcom nabbed Finalist in the Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards.

These successes prompted Roger to take his passion to the next level and enroll in the Hollywood Film Institute’s Film Producing Program and to later enroll in the USC School of Cinema-Television MBA program. Unfortunately, he had to give up his seat in the prestigious program to address an urgent family matter—requiring his personal involvement and financial assistance. Although, putting family first meant missing that “door of opportunity,” he decided to form his own company (Cool Breeze Communications)—for prying those “doors of opportunity” back open again.

The mission


Keeping Families Together

In collaboration with other organizations, Cool Breeze creates original programs and media tools that cleverly weave entertainment and community outreach.

In solidarity with advocates for immigrant justice (such as Families Belong Together and Kids in Need of Defense), we hope our short video can serve as a tool—supporting legal professionals, educators, and social workers in their work to raise awareness of the lingering and devastating consequences that the Zero-Tolerance “family separation” policy has caused mothers, children and families.


In addition, the story interweaves themes of motherhood and redemption to shed a heartwarming light on the issue of foster care and adoption. As a result, this tool also underscores the importance of foster care/adoption as a way to provide loving, permanent homes for some of the most vulnerable children in the U.S. and around the world.

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